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Make it easier for your clients to purchase their property. Work with Deposit Assure.

One of the biggest hurdles faced by homebuyers today is having access to a cash deposit to secure their purchase.

Become a Deposit Assure agent and provide your clients with access to a smart alternative to a cash deposit – deposit bonds.

Why work with Deposit Assure

Our mission is to make it easier for people to buy property. And we know Australia’s leading mortgage brokers feel the same way. That’s why we want to work with you as partners to give your clients the final piece of the puzzle to close the sale.

When your clients do not have access to a cash deposit, Deposit Assure has everything you need to help secure their property purchase. So you can satisfy all their finance needs throughout the purchase journey.

Deposit bonds also give you the ability to convert clients that you may not have been able to previously, giving you a true extension to your business and tool for growth.

Give your business and clients the advantage

As a Deposit Assure agent, you can:

✓ Apply for and receive deposit bonds on behalf of your clients. Our online application makes lodging deposit bonds a breeze!

✓ Offer your clients a more affordable solution – Deposit Assure premiums are often cheaper than other deposit bond providers

✓ Offer your clients a longer term with deposit bond – Deposit Assure bonds can be offered with an expiry date of up to 5 years (60 months) – that’s 12 months longer than the other largest provider of deposit bonds in the market

✓ Receive a commission for preparing and lodging successful deposit bond applications on behalf of your clients (plus, application is easy!)

✓ Access exclusive training and knowledge resources about deposit bonds to unlock new opportunities with clients

Provide the right solution

Deposit bonds aren’t new. But they are mysterious. Most people don’t even know they exist, let alone realise that a deposit bond could be the key to helping them buy their first or next property. Find out how deposit bonds work

As a Deposit Assure agent, you get exclusive access to training and knowledge resources to help your learn more about deposit bonds and how they can help your clients.

Easy application

Applying for a deposit bond is easy with our online process. Apply anywhere on your laptop, tablet or smartphone for the full range of deposit bonds.

Once you’ve applied, you can control and monitor the progress of your client’s applications and bonds using your secure portal login and dashboard. Check out the agent portal.

Backed by the best

Deposit Assure bonds are underwritten by QBE Insurance, so you know that the product you are recommending has the backing of the strongest underwriter in the market. QBE are rated A+ by leading International Credit Rating Agencies.  This means that a vendor can accept a Deposit Assure bond, with the comfort of knowing they are safe and reliable, in the event they need to make a claim.

Plus, Deposit Assure is backed by a growing number of aggregators as a trusted supplier of deposit bonds.

Become a Deposit Assure agent today

You could be eligible to become an accredited agent with Deposit Assure. Simply click below to complete a quick registration form, to start lodging deposit bonds for your clients.

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