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Helping people is our passion and we LOVE delivering happiness directly to your clients when they do not have ready or convenient access to their cash deposit.

3 Reasons to choose Deposit Assure for your next deposit bond

#1 We will make it easier for you to get a deposit bond for your client

Here’s how:

        • Refer your finance backed deposit bond by completing a concierge referral in less than 30 seconds;
        • Receive a pre-approval pending receipt of the signed application and payment within 15 minutes with the risk for that application firmly with Deposit Assure not you;
        • Within 1 business hour your clients will receive a completed application for signing with Docusign;
        • Happiness is then dispatched within 1 business hour.
Watch a quick video demonstrating the concierge process here.

To get a deposit bond for your client right away click here.

#2 Protection and backing of QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd;

Nobody questions the strength of a deposit bond….until they need it.  QBE ticks all the boxes your clients need for a strong deposit bond;

              • APRA approved & regulated;
              • History of paying claims;
              • A+ Credit Rating is internationally respected.

#3 We are just as committed as you are to delivering great client outcomes;

We are proud of our achievements, with:

              • Hundreds of happy customers who have given us 5 star reviews;
              • Our Net Promoter score is currently running at 96% which means that 96% of all our clients are apostles and are proud to preach and praise your name for recommending Deposit Assure!

For quick online accreditation please click here.
  • Complete a quick online accreditation and sign using Docusign;
  • Once accredited get access to video and marketing content to share on your social media channels;
  • We offer a great commission for every deposit bond you lodge.
[Video Testimonial] – Hear why top broker Warren Freeman loves using Deposit Assure.

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