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Get the advantage by providing your clients with the final piece of the puzzle in their property journey: deposit bonds.

Deposit Assure empowers mortgage brokers, conveyancers, developers and real estate agents by providing a deposit bond solution that works for you and your clients.

We offer extremely competitive prices on deposit bonds that are underwritten by the best – QBE Insurance. So you know the product you are recommending has the backing of the strongest underwriter in the market.

With access to our marketing and learning tools, you can provide the right solution for every client. And because we provide a longer term on deposit bonds than the other largest provider in the market, you can help even more clients achieve their property dreams.

Our easy-to-use application process has been specifically designed for our partners. Your agent portal offers easy tracking, management and documentation, making the process simple and stress-free for you and your clients.

We offer a great commission for every deposit bond you lodge. This is calculated as a percentage from the premium amount and paid monthly.

Give your clients and business the advantage as a Deposit Assure agent.

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