Make it easier for your clients to secure their property. Work with Deposit Assure.

When your clients don’t have access to a cash deposit to secure their property purchase, Deposit Assure provides a smart alternative: deposit bonds.

Give your clients the solution they need

If you have a client who needs a deposit bond, refer them to Deposit Assure. Simply send us their details and let us take care of the rest. You will receive a $25 gift card for any deposit bonds issued by Deposit Assure to referred clients up to $40,000 – and a $50 gift card for anything above $40,000!*

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Looking for new ways to help your clients? You could be eligible to become an accredited agent with Deposit Assure.

By offering your clients a solution that works for them, you can become the hero of their journey – the professional they look to for guidance through their purchase journey.

And because you effectively control all aspects of their purchase process, you can create a seamless experience and, ultimately, promote loyalty. It’s win-win!

As a Deposit Assure agent, you can:

✓ Apply for and receive deposit bonds on behalf of your clients. Our online application makes lodging deposit bonds easy, whether at your desk or on a mobile device. And you can monitor their progress on our agent’s portal.

✓ Offer your clients a more affordable solution – Deposit Assure premiums are often cheaper than other deposit bond providers

✓ Offer your clients a longer term with deposit bond – Deposit Assure bonds can be offered with an expiry date of up to 5 years (60 months) – that’s 12 months longer than the other largest provider of deposit bonds in the market

✓Receive a commission for preparing and lodging successful deposit bond applications on behalf of your clients

✓Access exclusive training and knowledge resources about deposit bonds to unlock new opportunities with clients

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Provide the right solution

Deposit bonds aren’t new. But they are mysterious. Most people don’t even know they exist, let alone realise that a deposit bond could be the key to helping them buy their first or next property. Find out how deposit bonds work.

As a Deposit Assure agent, you get exclusive access to training and knowledge resources to help your learn more about deposit bonds and how they can help your clients.

Easy application

Applying for a deposit bond is easy with our online process. Apply anywhere on your laptop, tablet or smartphone for the full range of deposit bonds.

Once you’ve applied, you can control and monitor the progress of your client’s application and bonds using your secure portal login and dashboard. Check out the agent portal.

Backed by the best

Deposit Assure bonds are underwritten by QBE Insurance, so you know that the product you are recommending has the backing of the strongest underwriter in the market.

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*Terms and Conditions Apply

Apply for a deposit bond



  • Purchasing as an individual.
  • Settling within 6 months.
  • Proof of funds to complete purchase: either finance approval
    or other proof of funds like a sale contract.


  • Settling over 6 months.
  • Purchasing off the Plan.
  • Purchasing in a Super Fund, Company or Trust.

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