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Discover the smart solution to selling your next property with confidence and ease. Without the need for a cash deposit, deposit bonds make it easier for buyers to purchase and developers to sell.

Meet the smart alternative to cash deposits

Normally, your contracts are secured by a cash deposit or a bank guarantee. And while cash in the bank is seen as a good thing, there are some drawbacks:

✓ Limited market: Your prospective purchaser base is restricted to only those who have cash and are happy to put it away for the term of the construction, or have enough equity in another property for a bank guarantee.

✓ Long-term contracts: Those who do have the cash or equity may not want to tie it down for up to 5 years while your development is under construction. So they may choose to invest elsewhere.

✓ Missing out: The bottom line is you are missing out on a bigger pool of potential purchasers who have the ability to buy and settle once completed, but have no cash or equity to pay the deposit.

✓ Purchaser bankruptcy: Many developers may not realise that should a purchaser pay a cash deposit, or use equity or cash for a bank guarantee, and then enter into bankruptcy, the deposit may be frozen so you cannot access it.

The good news is Deposit Assure provides a smarter way to sell your property.

Why choose Deposit Assure bonds

Accept Deposit Assure deposit bonds by name in your contracts and give your business the advantage:

  1. Expand your market

    As a developer, you will expand your appeal to a broader base of prospective purchasers, including those who are perfectly able to purchase but may not have a cash deposit or equity for a bank guarantee, such as:

✓ First home buyers

✓ New and recent migrants

✓ Renters

✓ Young families

You will have access to a broader cross section of investors who may well be able to pay a deposit or provide a bank guarantee, but were reluctant to surrender use it for the term of the contract.

  1. We’re backed by the best

    Deposit Assure is underwritten by QBE, one of Australia’s largest and most trusted insurers, with credit ratings by recognised credit rating agencies ranging from A to A+.

  1. You are protected

    Deposit Assure bonds are only issued once a comprehensive financial assessment of the purchaser has been completed. So you can be confident that your contracts will proceed to settlement.

    Plus, deposit bonds are excluded from bankruptcy provisions – the relationship exists between the vendor (you) and the deposit bond provider and underwriter (us). This means you are still protected should a purchaser go bankrupt.

Only Deposit Assure can provide these assurances. Sell with confidence and ask for us by name!
Refund policy for off-the-plan:

Under Deposit Assure’s new policy, buyers will be eligible for a pro rata refund of their premium, where your purchase settles more than 6 months before the expiry date of the deposit bond, up to a maximum value of 18 months. To claim the refund, we must receive (a) written proof of the actual settlement; (b) the ‘original’ Deposit Bond; and (c) notice of your intent to apply for a refund within 45 days of the Settlement Date.

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