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Our deposit bond fee calculator makes it easy to find out how much your Deposit Assure bond will cost.
Simply enter the deposit amount required and the bond term below.
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When the application is sent to you, by default you will be sent a secure link by email to make payment by credit card and also to sign the application with Docusign.

Should you wish you can also pay via direct EFT or request to sign and scan the application manually.

You can choose to either return the deposit bond within 30 days for a refund of the premium you paid less a $200 admin and processing fee, or once you find another property you can request to transfer the credit already paid to a new deposit bond that we can issue for you.  Be sure to contact us as soon as possible if this happens.

We do not transfer any funds to the vendor, we are only providing a guarantee for the deposit amount which you will pay at the time of Settlement.

When Settlement takes place the deposit bond expires and is no longer valid.

The vendors legal representative who would be holding your deposit bond can choose to dispose of the deposit bond or file it away.

If you have obtained a long term deposit bond, and there is still greater than 6 months remaining on your bond, you can send the original deposit bond to Deposit Assure to see if you are eligible for a pro rata refund.*conditions apply

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