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Digital Deposit Bond

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by Deposit Assure and
QBE (Australia) Pty Ltd.
This new Digital Exchange means you and your clients no longer have to wait on snail-mail to close the deal. It's the first verifiable digital deposit bond that enables homebuyers to exchange faster and safer than ever before.

The industry needed it and so we developed it - see how it works.

This much needed Digital Exchange enables a highly secure and fully compliant paperless Deposit Bond – providing you and your clients the ability to instantly exchange. Utilising market-leading document security, all parties can instantly access the encrypted Deposit Bond with uniquely generated codes and QR technology to verify authenticity.

Backed by the financial strength of QBE (Australia) Pty Ltd you can be assured that you’ll experience the same service and certainty all our clients rely on.


Deposit Assure’s Digital Deposit Bonds use a digital exchange which makes them even more secure than current paper and ink bonds which are more susceptible to fraud and misplacement. With market-leading document security, all parties can instantly access the encrypted bond with uniquely generated codes and QR technology to verify authenticity.

Property purchasers and industry professionals use encrypted passkeys to view or transact with the bond, which is securely stored by Deposit Assure.

Each recipient will be invited to access and view the digital deposit bond by email. Once you enter your email address, a code will be sent to your email. You can then enter this code to access the deposit bond.

All valid claims can be submitted online here –

A copy of notice of termination or rescission of the Contract of Sale and a written statement by the Vendor(s) or the Authorised Deposit Holder/Stakeholder stating that the Vendor(s) or the Authorised Deposit Holder/Stakeholder is entitled to the deposit under the Contract of Sale will need to be provided.

The original deposit bond undertaking is no longer required to be submitted in support of the claim.

By default the digital deposit bond is dispatched to the Purchaser(s) legal representative unless it is an Auction deposit bond, which is dispatched to the Purchaser(s).

The Purchaser(s) legal representative can forward the dispatch email that Deposit Assure sends out and the Vendor(s) legal representative can request access to view the digital deposit bond.

On request, we can print a copy of the deposit bond and dispatch to the Vendor(s) legal representative by express overnight post.

Please complete the online form here to request.

When you are successful at Auction, you can request for Deposit Assure to update your Auction deposit bond to reflect the particulars for your new property purchase. Simply complete the online form here and tell us all about your purchase. You will need to submit a copy of the contract of sale as well! Once we get your request, we will dispatch a new deposit bond for you in less than 24 hours!


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