Express Application

Get started with our express application

Our Express Application is the most popular way to obtain a deposit bond.

Use it when the following conditions apply:

✓ Purchasing as an individual

✓ Settlement under 6 months

✓ Proof of funds to complete purchase: either finance approval (must be unconditional or at a minimum subject to a valuation only) or other proof of funds like a sale contract.

Refer to our Concierge team for the easiest way to obtain a deposit bond.

If you are settling within 6 months, and have obtained a loan approval or have unconditional proof of funds to settle on your purchase, you can refer to our concierge team.

Simply complete the Concierge referral form below.  Here’s what you can expect:
  • You will get a Pre-Approval within 15 minutes;
  • Your application will be sent to you within 1 business hour for eSigning with Docusign;
  • Once your application is signed & payment is made, we will dispatch your deposit bond within 1 business hour;
  • Settling under 6 months, the one-off deposit bond fee is 1.3% of the deposit amount required.
Sounds easy? It is! Watch a quick video demonstrating the concierge process here.

Click the ‘Refer to Concierge Team’ button below to upload your documents and to get your application underway.

Refer to Concierge Team!

Apply online yourself:

If you don’t want us to lodge your finance backed deposit bond application for you then you can proceed to fill out an online application yourself. 

If you have a formal approval or the funds to settle and are settling within 6 months?  Apply using our express application.  For all other deposit bonds, apply using our standard application.

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