Express Application

Get started with our express application

Our Express Application is the most popular way to obtain a deposit bond.

Use it when the following conditions apply:

✓ Purchasing as an individual

✓ Settlement under 6 months

✓ Proof of funds to complete purchase: either finance approval (must be unconditional or at a minimum subject to a valuation only) or other proof of funds like a sale contract.

Ready to apply?

Refer to our Concierge team for the easiest way to obtain a deposit bond.

Simply complete the Concierge referral form below and upload your

#1 finance approval or proof of funds (e.g like a contract of sale for property being sold)

#2 Photo Id

#3 Contract of sale for your purchase.

Our Concierge will prepare the application for you within 1 business hour, ready for signing electronically with Docusign.  Sounds easy? It is!

Refer to Concierge Team!

Apply online yourself:

If you don’t want us to lodge your finance backed deposit bond application for you then you can proceed to fill out an online application yourself. 

If you have a formal approval or the funds to settle and are settling within 6 months?  Apply using our express application.  For all other deposit bonds, apply using our standard application.

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